Happy Anniversary Sugar Ridge Winery

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Sugar Ridge Winery has been in Sanger – and a member of the Chamber – for 1 year. Many thanks to Don and Michelle Andrews for choosing Sanger as the place to grow their business. You can find more info about Sugar Ridge Winery at SugarRidgeWinery.com

UPDATE: (6:34am) Sellabration 2016

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6:43 am Saturday 9/10 Here’s the latest: Vendors are setting up now. It is raining, (it’s not a hard rain) and we’re extending setup hours to 9:00am. Stage events prior to 11:00 are cancelled. (For reference, these events are the flag raising / national anthem, cheer and tumbling.) All other events (Li’l Mr. & Miss Sanger, Talent Show, Pie Eating Contest, etc.) … Read More

Sellabration 2016 Will be FREE

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Thanks to our WONDERFUL sponsors, this year’s Sanger Sellabration is FREE!!!!! No Entry Fee Free Kids Zone Free Art Show Free Car Show Free Talent Show Free Li’l Mr. & Miss Sanger Pageant

August 11 – National Safe Digging Day

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Call 811 Before You Dig: It is the Law! Calling 811 Reduces Risk of Damaged Utility Lines by 99 Percent     DALLAS (August 11, 2016) – Did you know that, before you dig, it is required by law to call 811 to have all buried utility lines located and marked? Atmos Energy wants to thank homeowners and excavators alike … Read More


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210 Bolivar Sanger, TX 76277 940-458-3050 Facebook – www.facebook.com/findingsatsangertx View Larger Map

Shop on the Run

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Greenhouse Plants

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Morning News

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Travel the world

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How to Shop for Healthy Fruits

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Are Your Kids Under Stress?

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How to Stay Connected on the Go

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Top 10 Office Entertainment Gadgets

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Lightbox Video

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